Esaote Standard

Standard 3.8×3.8x2x47m cage for SSCAN, including:

  •  60×60 aluminum false ceiling with concealed structure.
  •  Two 20×20 LED lights.
  •  Interphone.
  •  Door 90×210 cm (inside white and outside according to choice of PVC white, gray or blue.
  •  White PPA coating.
  •  4 Colorful wall solutions:

                SIRIUS: Red Purple and pvc Tarkett Medium Grey 964

                VEGA: Nevy Blue and pvc Light Ocean Blue 774

                HYDRA: Peach and pvc Light Green 975 (HYDRA)

                LYRA: Pistachio and pvc Medium Grey 964 (LYRA)

Editor's note: If you decide on the seamless option, the colored wall will be done on printed cloth of the chosen color or with adhesive films at a cost of 600€.