Magnetic resonance imaging shields

Magnetic resonance shielding(Faraday cage) is an important system that can create an environment within it free of parasitic radio frequencies that could interfere with electromedical equipment by altering its signal.

In shields mod. 'STEELMOD' many humanizing accessories can be installed, in order to minimize the sense of claustrophobia in people under diagnostic investigation. In addition, cages with increased thicknesses can be made, to help dynamic compensation systems of very low frequency disturbances caused by elevators, moving vehicles, railways et similia

Magnetic Resonance shields

Steelmod: Performance

Faraday cages for RM exam rooms of the STEEL MOD model have been manufactured by Techno Shield since 1998. They consist of galvanized steel panels, joined by dense bolting, garnished with appropriate shielding mesh. The interior spaces are lined with melamine-faced wood paneling, or gypsum board, which can be easily painted, or covered with PVC.