Faraday MRI cages

The Faraday Cage of the well-known ' alumed ' model was installed by Techno Shield in a large number of sites in Italy, around high-field RM tomographs, (0.5-1.0-1.5-3 Tesla). In the same sites have been installed many magnetostatic shielding, designed by our staff since 1993, with the help of FEM software of Vector Fields.

Alumed shields are specifically designed to maximize the attenuation of electromagnetic interference and to meet the needs of the Customer, in terms of comfort of staff and patients. All models of Faraday cages can be equipped with accessories such as those, to alleviate the sense of claustrophobia, which often grips those who are subjected to diagnostic investigation.

<strong>La gabbia di Faraday per risonanza magnetica mod. </strong><strong>‘ALUMED’ è caratterizzata da un pratico sistema modulare, per poter essere facilmente adattata agli spazi del Cliente.</strong>


  •  Modular aluminium cages, customizable for shape and size (of course, you need the complete site designs, also to size the magnetic screens)
  •  Adjustment kits, for switching to higher-field tomographs
  • High electromagnetic interference attenuation
  • Possibility to personalize the shape of the MRI exam room and the colours of the aesthetic finishes
  • Innovative LED lighting systems with the possibility of dimmering of colour and intensity
  • Installation time Content
  • EM noise attenuation measures with instruments in calibration program, MIL STD 285/IEEE 299
  • Possibility to install different forms of humanizations (window stickers compatible with the environment RM, chromotherapy, thematic mural pictograms